What Shall Bag Watch? Bag and his Summit friends wanted to watch something on Internet Explorer like "Snuffy's Sore Foot", "Turtles Cleveland", "Maria Fixes Snuffy's Toaster", "Humphrey and Ingrid's Home Videos", "C3PO and R2-D2 visit Sesame Street parts 1 and 2", "Return from Montana", "Elmo Gets a Boo-Boo", "True Colors", "Stormy Picnic with Bob", "Find Those Gleamers", "Maria Goes to the Hospital parts 1 and 2", "Take a Bird to Work Day", "All the Right Angles", "Poconoko", "The Gulity Party", and more. From Mondays and Wednesdays to have fun with Bag and his Summit friends.

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  3. Start of the Program

On the twelfth project Lauren Brooke's sister came to visit Pippi's friends when Mr. Kevin Doody is sick because he's at the hospital that have them when Bag and his Summit friends wanted to do "Poconoko" first then "All the Right Angles". Step 1, Hacker runs away. Step 2, Matt saw a yo-yo in his nose. No step 3 because the page is missing. Will they find the third page? Find out with Bag and his Summit friends what Pippi picked "Poconoko" and Francis the Goldfish picked "All the Right Angles" where the gang went to treasure ho whee they saw a cyber ghost turn invisible but then back home where the cyber ghost wanted to go back to being visible again.

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