Read by the Announcer. Sesame Street Season 46 aired on HBO instead of PBS from the weekend aired for Saturdays. Three new performers like Stephanie D'Abruzzo played Prairie Dawn, Jennifer Barnhart played Zoe, and this new customer for Hooper's Store named Nina instead of Maria that kids will treasure when they love child's projects on the school computer. Two days from Mondays and Wednesdays when they invite you to join Bag and his Summit friends to join the fun that have the Training Center to have fun watching something on Internet Explorer from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM to projects like "Arthur Meets Mister Rogers", "Not Found Here", "Inspector Red", "Pluto's Heart Throb", "Mickey's Delayed Date", and more. The announcer Noel MacNeal begins to read the title card aloud as it being read aloud then a story opened to this framing story for this one. In the middle they sing this friendship number My Best Friend was sung by Big Bird and Snuffy before we go to the next set of the story that have The Direction Game from the episode of Dora that kids sure like. In the end of the set of the story they sing this closing number Try to Touch the Sky sung by Snook before Barney Says then the credits follow.

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