Each episode that have "Elmo's World Up And Down", "Inspector Red", "Curious George Goes To The Hospital", "Pluto's Heart Throb", "Mickey's Delayed Date", and more. The announcer begins to read the title card aloud then the program follows like typing a story. In the middle was the song My Best Friend sung by Big Bird and Snuffy. In the middle was also the part to sing this telling about what happened today part. In the end of the program, this was the song sung by Snook called Try To Touch The Sky before Barney Says then the credits roll. Saturday August 1 2015 was the original tape Walt Disney's Beauty and the Beast Disney's 30th film was released November 22 1991 and the VHS date was October 30 1992 till Halloween that have three previews in the beginning of this tape like "Aladdin", "Sleeping Beauty", and "Pinocchio" then the announcer wants you to stay tuned after the story with another preview then the story begins. By the time the film was over, this was a preview of Disney's "101 Dalmatians." This tape features Jerry Orbach played Lumiere the Candleabra, Paige O'Hara played that young girl named Belle, Bradley Michael Pierce played Chip the white small teacup, Richard White played Gaston, David Odgen Stiers played Cogsworth the Mantel Clock, Angela Lansbury played Mrs. Potts the white teapot, Robby Benson played Beast, and others. This VHS cover that have two people four objects with the songs, the talents, the characters, and the voices that their favorite part of the cassette is "Be Our Guest." This were the green words of the first episode were words by Alan Menken and the lyrics are by Howard Ashman. This code number was 1325 to Disney's Beauty and the Beast costs $3.50 to watch the story for Saturday August 1 2015 at 1:00 PM was the first day of August after Steven B's graduation party at Steven B's house with Kevin's Summit friends at Laffs like swimming, eating pizza, rowing, and camping out from the good times they've had together.

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  3. Sony Wonder FBI Warning Screen (1995-2006)
  4. Sony Wonder Logo (1995-2006)
  5. CTW Logo (1997-2000)
  6. Start of the Program (read by Noel MacNeal as The Announcer)
  1. Ending of the Program
  2. Song: Try To Touch The Sky
  3. Barney Says
  4. End Credits (with the Announcer again)
  5. Disney's Beauty and the Beast 1992 VHS Offer
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