Time Stop Cheese Roll Cake was fun song here in “Punky’s Case Of The Missing Cupcakes Giving Others Fun Rolling Rice Cakes Searching Of Fun Goodies”.

Time To Stop With That Cheese Cake Together

It Will Be Happiness There To Your Word

That Will Be The Happiest Spot So It Does Take Together With Me To Find The Case Of The Missing Cupcake

Alpha Pig Spells A Word Roll Simply Stop

Princess Presto Spells A Word Dig From Me

And Whyatt Changes A Word Out So Intead It Was Simply In

Detective Punky Will Find A Case With Me

Detective Girl Here

It Will Deny

Martin Luther King Day 2019 Were Cookies

Cupcake, Tiptie!

Sorry, Clover.

It Will Find A Case Quite Together There

That Will Still Make Delicious Simply Quick

This Next Cool Case Together It Will Be Hapiness

To Go Find It With Me

Don’t Worry, Clover, Detective Punky Will Find A Next Case. Thank You, But Gotta Find It For Now.

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