Starting in 2017-present.

The Baby Sun is the sun of Teletubbyland that shines in the sky and makes baby noises. Her face is live-action and the sun is performed by Jessica Smith when she was 9 months old. This sun giggles and laughs being excited during any Magical Event or watching the Teletubbies do funny and silly things.

Some fans wonder why would the creators put the baby in the sun because the sun is a baby. However, in some fan-made and official Teletubby compilations that are seen online, the baby was replaced by another person's face to make it a bit disturbing and give it a lot of controversy (for example: George W. Bush in George Bush Does Teletubbies). Many of the younger children have been scared of the sun in the fan-made compilations on YouTube so much that they suffer from anxiety when watching any of them. Their parents always warn them to be careful what they see in Teletubbies due to controversy because they shouldn't be on YouTube when they are younger.

One of the things with the baby sun is it sometimes laughs at the end of any activity or a Magical Event. The baby sun sometimes make a "laugh scream" during the activity or at the end of every Magical Event by going "WAAAAAAH OHH!!!"

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