In that Punky Brewster title “Same Bath For Girls Kokomo Duckieland Do Splash Do Best Friend Game Show Boss”, title date on this: October 5 1997 which Punky plans up that My Best Friend Game Show based on scenes from 2274 (Season 18) (repeated as 2519, Season 20). 2 sponsors on this: “C”, 13.

Some segments just this:

  • Splish Splash (from the Jim Henson Hour episode show Oceans)
  • Duckieland
  • Kokomo (from Muppet Beach Party CD And Cassette)
  • Telly’s Lunch
  • “C” Is For Cookie (original version)
  • Thirteen Hamburgers
  • Ernie And Bert Read About Air
  • The Snuffleupagus Alphabet
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