Saturday August 1 2015 was the original 1992 VHS cassette Disney's Beauty and the Beast. This tape costs $3.50 with the cover that have two people four objects with the singing dancing the characters voices the story and the talents narrated by David Odgen Stiers that have 3 previews in the beginning of this tape that includes Disney's "Aladdin" when the animators are working on Disney's 31st film with six songs composed and the songwriter of Disney's The Little Mermaid, Disney's "Sleeping Beauty", and Disney's "Pinocchio" then the announcer wants to stay tuned after the story with another preview after the feature with the singing, the dancing, characters, and the voices that have Jerry Orbach that he played Lumiere the talking Candelabra, Paige O'hara played this young girl named Belle, Bradley Michael Pierce played Chip the white small Teacup, Richard White played Gaston, Robby Benson played Beast, David Odgen Stiers played Cogsworth the Mantel Clock, Angela Lansbury played Mrs. Potts the white Teapot, and other voices in the story when the VHS date was released October 30 1992 till Halloween which is the last day of October then in the end of the tape was a preview of Disney's "101 Dalmatians" that kids love this tape to enjoy Disney's Beauty and the Beast that this tape from this first Saturday of August in 2015 after Kevin Doody's visit to Steven B's house for a graduation party with Kevin's friends to eat pizza swim row and roast some marshmallows for having fun watching the tape that have Dottie's voice performed by Celine Dion but most people call her "Celine" or "Ms. Dion" for short that this tape have six characters two people four objects when the film date was November 22 1991 until January 1992 when the VHS date was still until January 1993 that have pink all around that their favorite part of the cassette is "Be Our Guest." CDs and audiocassettes from Sony Wonder that are perfect for the car the beach and the other guests that the words by Alan Menken and lyrics by Howard Ashman to enjoy Disney's 30th film for the prologue after three previews from the beginning before the songs follow when Kevin Doody watched this tape at 1:00 PM on this first Saturday to enjoy having fun singing, dancing, the characters, and the voices.

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