Now Time For Ant And Grasshopper is the song by Fireman Duck here in “Road Time For No iPad Day Helping Ant And Grasshopper”.

Time To Help

Here With Ant And The Grasshopper

It Will Help Out With You

Such Things Are Cool There

Do Help Out

The Other Thing Together

Now I Know When That Will Be

So It Will Remind Us There Together

Just Help Out

Alpha Pig

Carefully Carried His Letter

Net To Carry His Apple

Strawberry Or Corn Delay

Without Jolly

Princess Presto Spells Out Steps

And Whyatt Changes A Word

Crayons Wasn’t A Good Idea

Just Seeds Here

But Not Those Crayons But It’s Seeds Here

The Ant Was Real Delighted

So Does The Grasshopper There

To Your Duckie

They Remember Fun Ago

So It Wouldn’t Ever Know

Time To Get Ready To You Here Again

(spoken in the end of the song):

“Get Ready”, That’s What Story Answer Simply Said.

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