Max is Wimzie's best friend and hushabye! She starts being mean to him by trying to make him talk in front of her friends!! When he tells her many times that he is too shy to talk in front of a large group of people!!! LouLou Wimzie's other friend feels sympaththy for him and becomes his new friend after Wimzie tells him she did not want to be his friend anymore!!!!

When she has a talk with her grandmother Yaya she helps her remember that LouLou was much nicer to him and knew that he did'nt like to talk to a big group of people!!!!!! So she gathers her friends and Yaya to make a announcement and she apologizes to her best Friend Max for not respecting his wishes and they become best friends and her hushabye is finally back with her!!!!!!! So far he makes his only appearence in Wimzie's Hushabye.Max is a talking Blue stuffed bird and is a minor character.

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