Find Bo Peep’s Sheep was a fun song there which to the tune of  Funiculi Funicula where Clover sang a first verse about when Kevin took Ma to the dentist during Martin Luther King Day 2019 but Kevin doesn’t have any Martin Luther King Day cookies so instead was Kevin’s special Martin Luther King Day cupcake, Tiptie sings a second and final verse about the fun episode.


The Dentist That Kevin Brought To You

Martin Luther

King Day Cookies

When Dr. Tim Came To Visit Together

It Will Cannot

Be Friends Again

But Hey

The Other Duckies Come Together

To Play Along

With Tiptie Too

But Hey

The Other Duckies Came Together

Beneath The World

That You Deny

To Your Duckie Plan Come Together

Happiness To Happy For All Ducks

It Will Deny Together Come For All Duckies Away From Home

This Will Be Prepared Together Duckie Friends With Me

Um, Do Another Verse.

To That

Alpha Pig Follows Some Steppingtones

To Say The Alphabet To Get

To That Muddy Bank To Find Little Bo Peep

The Other Thing

That Would Deny

Wonder Red Says All Og Words Simply Not Fog

 Log Here Instead

So That’s A Word

Then Super Why Changes Zero 2 For Now

Couple Of Those

Fun Hints Instead

Whyatt Cannot Find A Pet Lizard

Will He Ever Find A Pet Lizard

Wasn’t On The Floor Whyatt’s Mom Chocolate Cake Green Magnifying

Glass Will Find Lizard Because Whyatt’s Simply Happy

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